4 Smart Toys You Can Make at Home!

,September 29, 2021
4 Smart Toys You Can Make at Home!

One boring evening, you wanted to keep your dog busy with an interesting educational game, but there was no smart toy nearby? Wait for delivery for a long time, go to the pet store far and lazy. In this case, you can try to make a smart toy yourself from improvised means! Several options are presented below.

Food-Filled Ball

If your dog is not in the habit of tearing toys, then a regular tennis ball can easily replace special toys from a pet store. Make a wide cut. Spread the edges slightly. That's it, the toy is ready. It remains to fill it with a treat that can get enough sleep from it.


Homemade toys can be dangerous if your dog likes to rip or bite off the toy. Don't leave your dog unattended with a homemade toy.

Find Food

If suddenly more than one ball is lying around at your house, after a dozen eggs there is one that they did not have time to throw away, then we are ready to present you the next homemade toy. This time the balls will remain intact. All you need to do is cut off the lid from the tray. You can use a muffin pan instead of an egg tray. That's it, the educational toy is ready! Place any treat in one of the grooves. Put balls in the groove with food and a few more random ones. Then let the dog sniff. Let her pick up balls and search. You can teach your pet to give a voice or lie down when the desired ball (with a treat under it) is found. 

Get Out of the Bottle

You will need a plastic bottle for this toy. Its size depends on the size of your dog. Punch a few holes in the sides of the bottle. Their size should depend on the size of the treat that you will use to put there. Holes can be made using nail scissors or burn them with a red-hot screwdriver, for example. That's it, the toy is ready! Place the treat inside and give it to the dog. If the delicacy does not fall out of the holes, enlarge them. 

Attention Game

This will require three or four plastic cups. Place a treat in front of the dog and then cover it with a glass. Place other glasses nearby in the same way (it is desirable that they are the same). Start stirring the glasses, then stop and ask the dog to find. You can also teach your dog to voice when he finds a treat.

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