Most Popular Dog Gadgets

,April 01, 2021
Most Popular Dog Gadgets

In the modern world, new technologies are developing at a frantic pace. And today they are available not only for people, but also for pets. What gadgets will your dog appreciate?

Advanced dog owners know how to make life easier and brighter for themselves and their pet using technical devices. These are various kinds of feeders, and smart toys, and even video cameras for dogs - the variety is amazing!

Automatic feeder

    An auto feeder is a great device for busy owners, and is also suitable in case you have to leave for the day. Some models allow you to program the time and amount of food that the pet will receive. Today, stores offer a huge selection of all kinds of models from different manufacturers, so finding a suitable option will not be difficult.


      Like the feeder, the auto drinker is a great solution if you need to leave your pet alone in the house. In addition, the device can become a worthy alternative to classic bowls.

      GPS tracker

        Of course, one of the most useful devices for owners of four-legged friends can be considered a GPS tracker. This tracking device allows you to locate your pet. It helps not only to avoid losing the dog, but also to control its movements.

        Advantages of a GPS tracker:

        1. As a rule, the tracker weighs no more than 40 g. The compact and lightweight device can be easily attached to the collar. Choosing a collar with a tracker will not be difficult: there are models designed for both miniature and large dogs.
        2. The duration of the charge. Good devices can go without recharging for a long time.
        3. Ease of use. The tracker communicates with a smartphone through an application that can be installed on a tablet or smartphone with any operating system.
        4. Most trackers offer not only the function of determining the location of the dog, but also tracking its activity, exercise and even health. You can configure the gadget to remind you of the need for vaccinations, haircuts, etc.
        5. SOS button. If the dog is lost or something happened to him, the people around him can give a signal to the owner.
        6. Waterproof. There are models that are not afraid of rain, snow, or even immersion in water.
        7. Control of large areas. Thanks to its highly developed cell tower system, the GPS navigator is practically unlimited in range. Although it is worse at locating in areas with poor cellular signal.
        8. Clipper for claws.

        An alternative to the classic clipper is the automatic clipper. This is a device with a polishing tip that gently grinds down the claw. The principle of operation is similar to a manicure file.

        When using the clipper, the instructions for use must be strictly followed to avoid overheating of the claw and trauma to the blood vessels.

        Camcorder for a dog

          Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel for your pet and making him a star on the Internet? Or maybe you just wanted to look at the world through his eyes? A special camera will help with this. There are almost weightless options that are worn on a collar; there are even special GoPro mounts on the market. There will definitely not be indifferent to such videos.


            A treadmill, which can be found in specialized stores today, will help your pet to keep fit, lose weight or prepare for the show. Such simulators differ from each other not only in the principle of operation, but also in size. Before buying, be sure to consult with a dog handler and veterinarian.

            Fitness Tracker

            Fitness trackers may not be the most popular gadgets for dogs. However, owners who closely monitor the health of their pet will definitely like this device. The tracker keeps track of the number of steps the dog has taken and the distance it has traveled. Based on the data on the sex, age and weight of the pet, the device makes recommendations for caring for it.

            Anti-Swallow Bowl

              Some dogs have a bad habit of not chewing food, but swallowing it. Sometimes it becomes one of the factors in the development of stomach diseases and other health problems. There is a simple solution - a special feeder of complex shape, with recesses from the inside. It turns the feeding process into a real game, makes the pet be more attentive when swallowing food and eat more slowly.

              Interactive Toys

                Intricate toys (such as radio-controlled toys with sound or light effects) are a great way to help keep your pet no bored and entertained. At the same time, you can find any toy to your taste - from simple wooden ones to textile ones.

                The Benefits of Smart Toys

                Intelligent toys for dogs can be an excellent remedy for boredom. You need to choose them taking into account the characteristics and interests of the pet; for a start, it is better to buy a simpler toy, gradually offering your pet more complex ones. The advantages of such toys include:

                • Environmental friendliness of materials (rubber, latex, wood and others);
                • Safety of construction (absence of sharp corners and small details);
                • Ability to learn and acquire new skills through the game;
                • Switching the dog's attention and, as a result, getting rid of bad habits (for example, chewing on everything).

                Intelligent toys for dogs help to throw out the accumulated energy: they tire faster, so after such games the dog sleeps long and soundly.

                When buying gadgets for dogs, remember that the purpose of any device is to improve the quality of life of a pet and its owner.

                For example, not so long ago a device was announced that will allow you to "read" the thoughts of a dog, and a gadget that translates from a dog's language into a human. Who knows, maybe they will become popular in the future, but so far the best and proven way to understand a dog is to love, respect and take care of it with dignity.