The Best Large Dog Breeds for Kids. TOP-10 Selection of Breeds

,September 22, 2021
The Best Large Dog Breeds for Kids. TOP-10 Selection of Breeds

Dogs are some of the most popular pets for families with children around the world. And this is no accident, because they are loving, loyal friends and excellent companions who will help teach a child not only responsibility, but also unconditional love. The secret is to find the perfect family breed that best suits your lifestyle.


When choosing a dog for a child, a large number of factors should be taken into account. Pay attention to your dog's temperament, activity level, health, and grooming needs. Well, we hope that our selection will help you make the right choice.


 Labrador for kids

The best companion dog for families with children is considered to be the Labrador Retriever! Labradors love children, adults, other pets ... in general, Labradors love everyone, especially those who give food! These dogs are well suited for active people who spend a lot of time outdoors, because Labradors love to swim and play in the snow. If you are not a couch potato, then the Labrador will be a great companion for the whole family.

Golden Retriever

 Golden Retriever for kids

Golden Retrievers are considered one of the friendliest dog breeds. The breed was bred to hunt waterfowl, so the Goldens love to swim, frolic in the fresh air and spend a lot of time in active games with children. In addition, the representatives of the breed are, of course, fabulously beautiful! An excellent option for an active family with a child.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog for kids

Representatives of this breed, as well as Newfundlands and St. Bernards, may seem too big for a child, nevertheless, Berns are excellent family dogs! They are gentle, affectionate and friendly, patient and just adore children. They are very intelligent and easily trained dogs, they practically do not bark and are completely non-aggressive towards people and other animals. All in all, the Bernese Mountain Dog is the perfect family dog, if only you can find a place for such a giant.


Newfoundland for children

These huge cuties are considered great nannies for young children. The dog will be very careful and attentive with the kids, will never offend or show aggression. However, remember that Newfoundland is unlikely to be suitable for a small apartment. The best option for such a dog would be a private house with a plot and a pond nearby.

St. Bernard

St. Bernard for kids

The St. Bernard is a big dog, but no, it is a very large dog! As a rule, St. Bernards are very calm and get along well with children, however, it should be remembered that St. Bernards need to be trained from early childhood, only then this cutie will become your ideal pet, if you do not do this, this cutest giant will simply destroy your house! However, this applies to a dog of any breed, just less damage from small dogs. If the St. Bernard is well educated, then he will become a great friend to your children!


Collie for kids

Anyone who has seen the movie about the legendary collie named Lassie considers this breed to be amazing pets. These dogs are very intelligent and loyal to children, even when they are too annoying. Despite their slightly “glamorous” appearance, collies are service dogs, so with proper training they will become not only a friend, but also an excellent protector for your child.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd for children

People often perceive German Shepherds exclusively as service and guard dogs. They really have amazing qualities for the service, but Germans are also great for families with children. They are super-intelligent dogs, very patient and loyal to any child, wonderful companions and play partners. And of course, the Germans are great defenders for the whole family.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter for kids

The beautiful and graceful Irish Setter is a hunting dog with an amazingly kind disposition. You should not turn on an Irishman if you are a slobber by nature, because this guy needs long walks with the opportunity to lose his colossal energy. But for an active family, the pet can become an excellent training companion.


Airedale for children

The cheerful disposition and high level of activity makes the Airedale a good family dog. Representatives of this breed are very smart, quite capable of being trained and becoming a real protector for the whole family. Representatives of the breed get along well with other animals, but it should be remembered that airedales need to be properly trained and socialized from early childhood. 


Considering the size and restlessness of the dog, as well as the independent terrier disposition, we would not recommend this breed for families with small children, but for a schoolchild, Erdel will easily become a beloved and faithful friend!

German Boxer

German Boxer for kids

Boxers at first glance look quite harsh, but this impression is deceiving! These are very gentle dogs who adore children so much that they often begin to treat them like their own! These dogs need a lot of physical activity and education from early childhood. If you give this to your pet, it will grow out of it to be a great friend and protector for your children.

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Yours, Dogrook!