TOP 10 Small Dog Breeds for Children

,September 08, 2021
TOP 10 Small Dog Breeds for Children

Studies show that children who grow up with animals are less susceptible to inner fears, are more sociable, and deal with stress more easily.

Today, in our article we will list small breeds that will get along well with children. Look for an article with a list of large breeds suitable for children on our website. So, small breed:

Boston Terrier     boston terrier for kids

Boston Terriers give the impression of a smaller copy of a German boxer. These dogs have a cheerful and playful disposition, but at the same time they are patient enough not to show aggression towards the child. Due to its small size, good health and unpretentiousness, Boston is an excellent choice for both apartments and private houses.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for children

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a wonderful family pet. This is a gentle, kind and calm dog who is happy in a large friendly family. She is considered one of the best dog breeds for a child. However, you should be aware that Cavaliers are not very active dogs and are unlikely to maintain constant play with a child.


King Charles Spaniels are a good choice for calm and sensitive children, great for living in city apartments.

Cairn Terrier Cairn Terrier for kids

These funny wolf-like terriers are very fond of children and are ready to spend a long time in active games. The Kern Terrier is a wonderful family companion. This is a cheerful and active dog with a strong patience to endure even the most annoying babies without showing aggression.


This, of course, does not mean that the child can afford absolutely everything in relation to the dog, but the Kerns' level of tolerance is higher than that of other terriers, so they can be recommended for families with small children.

French Bulldog french bulldog for children

A great option for a family living in a small city apartment. The French are incredibly sweet, cheerful, active and at the same time do not require particularly difficult care and a lot of space. The dog is easy to train and, with proper training, obeys remarkably. Perfect for playing with children.

Bichon Frize Bichon Frize for kids

Bichon Frize is a dog that resembles a white downy toy, or cotton candy. Bichon immediately wants to hug and cuddle! Unlike many decorative dog breeds, which are distinguished by their measured temper, Bichon Frize are full of energy to play with children all day long. They will become loyal and affectionate friends for all family members if you put in the effort of regular grooming and consistent initial training.

Pug pug for kids

Most pugs adore the attention of their owners, tenderness, affection and games with children. At the same time, pugs are not very active, they will be happy to spend time with the owner watching their favorite TV show and are unlikely to take you for a walk even at dawn. The breed is quite easy to care for, but it has some health problems - babies can hardly tolerate heat and heavy physical exertion. In addition, if you opt for a pug, then be prepared for the fact that your pet will snore at night.

Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier for children

If you have a lot of time and patience, then the Jack Russell Terrier can become an excellent family dog ​​for you, because these pets have a huge number of qualities that make them ideal companions for games and an active lifestyle. The dog can become an excellent friend for children over 7 years old, but for families with babies it is not suitable due to its proud and stubborn nature.


Jack Russell is a real terrier, he needs a steady hand in education and respect for his terrier personality.

Papillon Papillon for children

Papillons are tiny, very observant and friendly dogs. They are great for living in city apartments and adapt well to different temperatures. As companion dogs, papillons enjoy spending a lot of time with their families and strive to please their owners. Representatives of this breed are completely non-aggressive and safe for children, but the children themselves should be taught to handle pets carefully, as these are very small and fragile dogs.

Maltese Maltese for kids

The Maltese lapdog or Maltese is a cute and gentle, but at the same time, smart and courageous dog. Perhaps someone will think that her appearance is full of snobbery and arrogance, but this is a mistake, because Maltese is a wonderful companion dog! Representatives of this breed suffer greatly in the absence of owners, so they should not be turned on by people who are absent from home for a long time. You should not start a Maltese lapdog in a family with very young children, since representatives of this breed are very fragile creatures, but for a family of allergy sufferers, a dog, on the contrary, is perfect, because it is believed that Maltese belongs to hypoallergenic dog breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier for children

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that just loves to play. Don't underestimate these guys, as Yorkies are fairly trainable dog breeds. Nevertheless, we would not recommend Yorkshire terriers for families with very young children, because like any terrier, a Yorkie can have a difficult character. Despite their small size, they are proud and stubborn, but their activity and passion for games often wins!

Yours, DogRook!