How to Transport Your Dog Safely in the Car?

,September 15, 2021
How to Transport Your Dog Safely in the Car?

A car is a convenient way of transportation to which we have all become accustomed for a long time, which cannot be said about our smaller brothers. To travel by car, the dog needs to be taught and it should be done with accuracy. In our article, we have prepared recommendations on how to properly transport a dog by car, how to prepare it for the trip and what accessories you need.

How to Transport Your Dog Safely?

  1. We recommend teaching your dog to enter and exit the car on command. This will give you the opportunity not to worry that the dog will jump out of the open car door, teach him to sit or lie with the door open and wait for your command. Consequently, it will reduce the number of accidents and animals falling under the wheels.
  2. It is necessary to teach the dog to stay alone in the car, just as you train it to stay alone at home, gradually increasing the time you are away and rewarding good behavior. But do not leave it there for a long time and you should leave the window slightly open.
  3. Be sure to train your dog to a certain place in the car so that it does not interfere with you while driving and does not climb on your handles or caress and lick the driver. It is strictly forbidden for the dog to climb to the driver, because this can create a road accident.
  4. Train your dog to ride in the back seat instead of on the floor - this can be dangerous.
  5. If you want to carry your dog in the front seat - transport it on the floor or in the passenger seat


When transporting your pet, use special accessories. We have prepared a list of car accessories below

Safety Belt

The simplest, but also the most necessary device for traveling with a dog is a seat belt. No one has any doubts that it is necessary to buckle up in a car. But it is very difficult to fasten a dog with a regular belt. Car belt for dogs is a strong short "leash", on one side ending with a standard carabiner, and on the other with a loop or clip for attaching to the car's seat belt. Such a device will not allow the dog to fall off the seat during hard braking, for example, and generally save it from sudden movements during any car maneuvers. The cost depends on the manufacturer and strength. Devices that can support a dog the size of a St. Bernard, for example, will cost more. True, with the undoubted advantages of this gadget, there are also obvious disadvantages - the auto-belt is attached to the collar, which means that with a sharp movement it can injure the animal, albeit not as critical as if there were no belt at all.

Auto Harness

A safer way to fix the dog in the car and protect it from sudden movements of the car is a car harness. The principle of operation is clear from the name. In general, the most ordinary harness, which has fasteners for fastening to the car's standard seat belt. The price varies depending on the manufacturer and the materials used. Car harnesses, like ordinary ones, have several sizes, suitable for animals of various breeds.

Dog Hammock for Car

The auto hammock is also designed to take care of the safety of the pet during the trip. Hammocks are of two types: occupying a third of the rear seat (for small dogs) and occupying the entire rear sofa entirely. In essence, the auto hammock is a dense mat that is attached to the back of the car's rear sofa and the backs of the front seats. Being in it, the dog cannot fall down from the seat, and also cannot fly forward in the direction of travel in case of, for example, sudden braking. 

Car Seat

Car seats are also offered for small and medium-sized dogs. Usually it is a fabric "basket" on a metal or plastic frame, fixed in the car with regular belts or suspended from the headrest (while the dog inside the chair is fastened with the seat belts).

Car Ramp

If the dog cannot jump into the salon or trunk of the car by itself (for example, due to its design features or various diseases of the joints in the animal), the owner can purchase a special ramp, thanks to which the animal can easily get inside.

Window Grill

Many dogs love to stick their heads out of the window while driving. On the one hand, this is a completely harmless habit that does not bother anyone. But generally speaking, this is a very dangerous act. In addition to the fact that the animal can be injured by hitting the glass or window opening, there is also the possibility that the dog will be hit, for example, by a stone thrown by the wheels of a passing vehicle. Unfortunately, some pets simply cannot ride with their windows closed - they are rocked. You can cope with this problem with a special grill on the glass. Manufacturers offer one-size-fits-all products made from durable plastic.

Travel Bowl and Drinker

Going on a long journey, a person can always have a snack in a cafe, but it is not worth feeding a pet with fast food. Taking food or water with you is not a problem, the problem is usually in the feeding containers. Although today manufacturers offer at least 3 options for travel bowls. The first one is folding inflatable structures. There are also plastic or silicone bowls that are easy to clean and also foldable. Tarpaulin feeders are also sold, but users note that they are unhygienic: after each meal, the feeder must be completely washed, which is not always convenient.

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