DogRook Dog Grooming Tools and Supplies

The right dog grooming tools make it easy to groom your dog in the comfort of your own home. It can save you lots of time and money. So you can also avoid the stress that comes with bringing your dog to a vet or groomer. DogRook website is the right place for products, tips, and dog grooming advice. 

Essential Dog Grooming Equipment

Dog grooming doesn't end with brushing though. Bathing, clipping, taking care of nails, eyes, ears and teeth are all important. It also goes along with the shedding and keeping hair off your clothes and furniture. DogRook offers a wide variety of dog grooming tools:

  • De-shedding combs are designed to lift and separate the hair, while the shorter teeth remove the packed-in dead hair.

  • Slicker brushes are used for detangling and light de-matting work.

  • Dematting combs are designed to cut through mats in areas that are harder to reach.

  • Nail clippers or trimmers are used to trim the pet’s nails.

Dog Grooming at Home

You've recently added the furriest member of your family. Now you need to choose the right accessories and grooming tools for your pet. Made for short, medium & long hair, our products are suitable for most dog breeds. They are easy and comfortable to use at home due to the high-quality materials and functional design.

How to Choose Dog Grooming Tools?

Any dog needs a comb to have a beautiful and well-groomed coat without tangles. For this purpose, use a dematting or de-shedding comb or a slicker brush. This choice depends on the pet's coat type:

  • For long-haired breeds of dogs, a slicker brush is suitable, which brushes the undercoat well.

  • For smooth-haired dogs, purchase a de-shedding comb that will also massage the pet's skin;

  • For wire-haired breeds, a dematting comb is required. With the help of it, the undercoat is combed out and removed, and the guard hair is also trimmed.

How often should you groom your dog?

The answer depends on a lot of things, like coat type, health, and lifestyle. Generally speaking, if your dog has a healthy coat and skin, you can bathe and groom your pet once a month. Unless directed by your vet, do not do it more often. The frequency of dog nail trimming is related to the dog’s activity. If the dog does not spend much time walking outside, the nails will grow back very quickly. If the dog is actively running on lawns, gravel and asphalt, the nails will grind evenly and constantly. It will be possible to trim claws less often.