How to Make Anti-Stress Wrap for a Dog Yourself?

,November 11, 2021
How to Make Anti-Stress Wrap for a Dog Yourself?

Strangers, thunderclaps, explosions of fireworks, thunder of garbage trucks, trips to the vet and meeting other animals can all cause fear, anxiety or increased excitability in your pet.

In such cases, a special anti-stress vest can come to the rescue, which is worn on the dog's torso so that it exerts some pressure on its body in anxious moments. The dog interprets the pressure of the vest in the same way as the infant interprets swaddling. This has a calming effect on some dogs.


But remember! There are more effective ways to cope with these situations, which boil down to teaching the dog not to be afraid, not to show anxiety, and to be less excitable. To calm your dog down, you need to understand its behavior and try to understand what exactly causes such an undesirable reaction in it. To do this, you can work with a zoopsychologist or dog handler.

But what if the dog is afraid and there is no anti-stress vest nearby? Good news! You can do it yourself and even use available tools for this.

Method 1

Use a wide scarf or something similar. The width of the bandage depends on the size of your dog; the larger the dog, the wider the bandage is needed. So the steps are:

  1. Place the middle of the scarf over your dog's chest.
  2. Then cross the ends on the shoulder blades.
  3. Then cross the loose ends of the bandage under the dog's belly.
  4. Finally, tie the loose ends over your lower back (just above your pelvis). Important! The scarf should fit snugly, but not tight!

        Method 2

        For this method, you will need a regular T-shirt.

        1. Choose T-shirts made from heavy and natural fabrics.
        2. Slip the shirt backwards over the dog with the dog's tail sticking out of the neck.
        3. Then tie the end of the shirt over your dog's chest. Tight but not tight.

        You can also sew tapes to the shirt so that they can be wrapped around different parts of the dog's body to act on different pressure points.

        An anti-stress vest is just one of many ways to calm your dog down. It is best to teach the dog to be calm and not react to stimuli more early.

        We hope our article was useful to you. Take care of yourself and your pets!

        With love for your dogs, DogRook!