13 Best Dogs For First-Time Owners!

,November 09, 2021
13 Best Dogs For First-Time Owners!

Many owners dream of cute and unpretentious dogs in everyday life, with whom you can easily get along even in a very small apartment. But before you get a pet, you should understand the characteristics of the breeds and see if you can fully take care of it.

What Breeds of Dogs are Considered Problem-Free

An unpretentious dog has the following distinctive features:

  • It has a calm temperament, friendly and sociable character;
  • It rarely gets sick due to its high immunity;
  • It does not need long walks or serious physical activity;
  • The dog loves children and gets along well with them;
  • It lends itself well to training and remembers new commands;
  • Its coat does not require special care;


If you are adopting a problem-free dog for keeping in an apartment, choose a small or medium-sized breed. A dog that is too playful or barks often is best kept in the house. And, of course, you should pay attention to the intensity of the shedding of your chosen breed. Sometimes short hairs are more difficult to remove from carpet and furniture than long hairs.

Why are Small Dogs so Comfortable? 

They are able to spend a lot of time without the owner, they do not need long walks and jogging, they are comfortable and not cramped in an apartment. For a beginner, the following dog breeds are suitable:

Toy Terrier

This miniature active dog has a meek disposition and an excellent attitude towards children. But if there are kids under 7 years old in the house, you will have to watch their games with the dog. Due to its fragile physique, the pet can accidentally suffer from childish pranks. In general, this adorable dog will be a wonderful friend for an inexperienced owner.


It is considered the smallest dog breed in the world. The pet takes up minimal space in the house. The dog does not need training, but at the same time it is easily excitable and does not get along very well with other animals or children.


This dog has a calm and peaceful character, it is not inclined to active games and does not require long walks.

Yorkshire Terrier

If you want an odorless dog with a good temperament, then this cute friendly breed is for you. Long walks are contraindicated for Yorkies, but water procedures are recommended. They can only live in an apartment, as their skin does not tolerate temperature extremes.


This cheerful little dog adores its owner. It is playful, mobile, loves children and easily tolerates the presence of other animals.

Shih Tzu

This beautiful and majestic dog has a friendly personality that makes it a wonderful companion for an elderly person.

Border Terrier

The dog has a calm, affectionate character, sociable and very unpretentious in everyday life. He gets along with children of all ages and loves walking.

Medium-Sized Pedigree Pets are Also Great for Housing. 

These include:


These dogs are very attached to humans, they are intelligent and completely non-aggressive. Bigleys get along well in an apartment and are easily trained in different commands.

Welsh Corgi

The pet can be bathed only twice a year, and it is enough to wipe the coat with a damp cloth. Dogs of this breed have a great sense of humor, they are curious and very attached to the family. Such a dog is a great companion for children and the elderly.


This friendly and calm dog fits perfectly into the living conditions of the apartment. It is smart, flexible, energetic, affectionate with kids. The poodle is suitable for allergy sufferers, as it practically does not shed.

French Bulldog

This dog has a gentle and loyal character. It loves to be in the spotlight, suitable for living with a large family and with a single person.


This fun smooth-haired dog gets along well with children and other pets. The dog almost does not shed and does not have an unpleasant odor. One of its features is the inability to bark, so the neighbors will definitely not complain about this dog.

Cocker Spaniel

This beautiful, active and friendly dog ​​is ideal for living in an apartment. It loves children and is not without a penchant for leprosy. Therefore, it is advisable to walk with a spaniel longer so that it splashes out the accumulated energy. The only drawback of the dog is its thick wavy coat, which requires careful care.

If you like large breed dogs and live in a fairly spacious apartment or house, pay attention to the Bullmastiff, Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog or German Shepherd. As a rule, these dogs are peaceful, obedient, get along well with children and lend themselves well to education. But they need a spacious walking area so they can run in the fresh air and stay in great shape.


Unpretentious dog breeds are suitable for beginners and owners without experience. All that is required of you is love for your pet and proper care for him.

With love to your dogs, DogRook!