Dogs that Heal. List of Breeds Suitable for Canis Therapy

,October 06, 2021
Dogs that Heal. List of Breeds Suitable for Canis Therapy

Any dog ​​evokes a smile and pleasant emotions from its owners. But there are special pets that are considered real healers - they are used for therapeutic purposes. These "volunteer" dogs most often work in hospitals and nursing homes. They are not as well trained as service animals, but they are sometimes much more useful.

In our article, you will learn about the breeds that are most often involved in canis therapy - therapy involving pets. 


Their main difference is patience and calmness. These qualities are most appreciated in healing dogs.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are calm, patient, sweet, kind and affectionate. They are just happy to be around people, so they are often attracted to nursing homes, hospitals, especially children's ones.

French Bulldog

They are smart and full of personality. Plus, they always look like they are smiling. This breed does not require a lot of activities, play and walks, which makes them ideal for urban or suburban environments. Why are they considered suitable for therapy? French Bulldogs are absolutely not aggressive towards strangers and are very fond of new acquaintances and communication. They are also incredibly cute, which cannot but bring a smile!


Quiet, gentle and lovable greyhounds are the ideal choice for therapeutic work. They can be active and nimble, but most often they prefer slow walks and will patiently interact with the elderly, children, or other patients.

Golden Retriever

This breed is ideal for canis therapy as they consider everyone they meet as their new best friend. Patient, intelligent, gentle and easy to learn, they are great at adapting to new situations. This breed also has a special bond with children and has an innate ability to bring happiness to anyone, anywhere.


These fluffy lumps are more than just the cutest pet. Poodles are extremely intelligent and easy to train. With tons of energy reserves and a pleasant disposition, the poodle has the stamina that allows him to bring joy and positive emotions to those who need it most.


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How can someone refrain from smiling when they see this little fluffy ball pass by? Pomeranians have a ton of personality and are curious explorers. Both of these traits make them well suited to serve as a therapy dog. Fun, agile and obedient, these little puppies have a true lust for life that is highly contagious.

Miniature Poodle

Miniature poodles, like their larger counterparts, are incredibly intelligent and easy to train. They are also very cute and love to lie on their knees. They communicate well with people and often perform comic tricks, which is why they are often used as circus dogs. It is worth teaching a miniature poodle 1-2 tricks, and this significantly diversifies its "program" during therapeutic work.


Like Lassie in the famous movie, collies love to be around children and can be a great therapy dog ​​in a children's hospital. With a desire to please and easy training, this breed has all the qualities that a therapeutic dog would normally have.

Yorkshire Terrier

Their small stature makes Yorkies ideal for young children who have to spend time in the hospital. They are so adorable and incredibly cute. Fun, intelligent, energetic and easy-going, this breed has all the qualities of an ideal therapy dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Affectionate and gentle, representatives of this breed have a silky soft coat that simply "asks" to stroke it. They love to make new friends and have a lot of energy and a sweet disposition. This breed is loved by royals and celebrities, and while some say they are difficult to train, they are actually very intelligent and eager to please people.

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