How to Calm Your Dog During a Thunderstorm?

,March 24, 2021
How to Calm Your Dog During a Thunderstorm?

The fear of a thunderstorm is normal for a dog, as is the fear of loud noises. That is because a person can understand the cause of a loud sound and its consequences, but a dog cannot. That is why getting rid of fear is completely difficult, but there are a number of ways to alleviate the condition of a dog during a thunderstorm.

Abstract Your Dog from a Problem

Do something fun with your dog. Remember what your dog loves to do the most? Play the ball? Drag the toy? Carried away by his favorite game, the dog will put his fear into the background. You can also try training your dog based on positive reinforcement alone. Get busy learning a new treat trick. Don't use a leash, just a treat and your praise. In this case, the result is not important, it is important to focus on training and on the owner.

Signs Your Dog Is Stressed Because of Thunderstorm and How to Relieve It

During a thunderstorm, give your dog a pre-prepared new toy to chew on or a special treat. Gnawing is for a dog the same as sucking on a pacifier for a baby. Whatever thing you give your dog, it should be exactly what will keep her attention for a long time and will allow her to concentrate her nervous energy on herself.

dog and thunderstorm

Don't Feel Sorry for the Dog That Is Afraid of Thunderstorm

Don't cuddle or try to protect your dog. This does not mean that you should not pet your pet, provide him with comfort and continue to treat him as warmly as usual. Just don't act like the dog really has something to fear. Otherwise, she will decide that she really needs your protection in such moments. Also, if you act as if your dog needs your protection, he will feel that you will always protect him when he is nervous and afraid. This can exacerbate unwanted behavior. If the dog sees that cowering in a corner in bad weather leads to hugs and kisses, it will begin to behave like this in every storm out of habit.

Let Your Dog Get Used to Loud Sounds

A great solution is to train your dog to hear loud sounds. This should be done gradually. For example, you can turn on the sounds of a thunderstorm for your dog, gradually increasing the volume and duration of this process. Make loud noise often in the kitchen when the dog is in another room, and then when he is nearby. Over time, the dog will understand that loud sounds do not pose any threat to it and will stop reacting so harshly to them.

External Factors

During a thunderstorm, take care of the comfort you can create yourself. For example, if your dog is afraid of lightning flashes, turn on the lights in the room and close the curtains. Close windows to reduce noise outside. Turn on music or TV to interrupt the noise of thunder.Take care of yourself and your pets!

With love to your dogs, DogRook!