How To Train Your Dog for a Car: 7 Steps

,August 18, 2021
How To Train Your Dog for a Car: 7 Steps

All of the following should not be done in one go. Each next stage is performed only after the previous one has been consolidated. This may take several days.

Step 1

First, let your dog smell the car, get used to its sight and smell.


Never force your dog into the car. By such actions, you can discourage her from entering the car for a long time and teach her to be afraid of cars.

Step 2

Let the doors to the salon be open. Give your dog the opportunity to become interested in the interior of the car. Place her favorite toys and treats on the back seat and on the floor. Feed her slices each time you approach the car.

Step 3

Put her in the car. Let her toys and treats lie there. Don't keep her there for a long time and forcibly. Let her go when she wants to.

Step 4

Now you can try to start the engine. In this case, it is better that someone with a dog is in the back seat. If the dog starts to get nervous, do not pet it, otherwise you will only reinforce its fear! Behave as if nothing is happening, be absolutely calm. Turn off the engine, release the dog. Release your dog at a time when it is calm, and not rushing out.

Step 5

Feed the dog in the car with the doors closed.

Step 6

Now you can make a short trip of 5-10 minutes. Have someone with the dog in the back seat. But don't comfort her. Be calm yourself - it will be passed on to the dog.


Do not feed your dog before riding to avoid vomiting.

Step 7

Gradually increase distances and travel times.

Some Tips

  • When teaching, follow the rule of gradualness and consistency. Don't make long trips at once, don't jump to the next stage without completing the previous one.
  • The first trips should in no way be associated with something unpleasant (a visit to the veterinarian, for example). When studying, only pleasant associations should be associated with a trip - a walk to the forest, a park, a trip to the country house, to friends.
  • To keep your pet from getting bored on the trip - take his toys with you.
  • Remove fragrances from the machine. They can irritate the animal and lead to motion sickness. Signs of motion sickness - depression, profuse salivation, vomiting.
  • To prevent the dog from getting seasick on the road, train it to the car with daily trips for 15 minutes.

With love to your dogs, DogRook!