How to Teach a Dog to Give a Paw

,April 27, 2021
How to Teach a Dog to Give a Paw

As a rule, when teaching the command "Give a paw!" two main methods are used: motivation with a treat and training without a treat (mechanical). The third, using the example of another four-legged, is additional, but works no worse than the first two.

Teach Your Dog the Command "Give a Paw!" with a Treat

With the exact execution of the order of actions, teach the dog the command "Give a paw!" you can for a couple of lessons. First, the command "Sit!" Is given, or in the case when the puppy is not yet familiar with the basic commands, the dog sits down with the help of the trainer.

A person stands in front of an animal, holding a tasty and aromatic tidbit in his hand. The distance should be small (50-60 cm) - like an outstretched arm. Then you need to show your pet the award and squeeze your hand. The second hand at this time is in front of the dog. When the dog tries to get to the treat, he will raise his paw and hit his hand. Here you need to intercept it and clearly say "Give a paw!" and unclench the palm of the other hand, giving the reward. To practice the skill, the exercise must be repeated several times in order for the pet to form the connection "command - raising the paw - reward".

Training Your Dog with no Treats

This method is also called mechanical. It is suitable for active puppies and adult dogs: the owner is in front of the dog at a distance of about 60 cm, the dog is in a sitting position; the owner carefully takes the pet's paw in his hand and clearly pronounces “Give a paw!”; repeat the action 2-3 times, then be sure to give the animal a break. Mastering a skill using this technique will take a little more time, but you will be able to appreciate the controllability of your pet, its quick wit and complaisance.

Using Another Dog as an Example

Since it is not always easy to teach a dog the command "Give a paw", you can use the help and obedience of another four-legged. Summon a dog that knows how to give a paw on command, give a command and after doing it, be sure to encourage the dog with praise or a treat.

Then call another dog and give him the same command - "Give a paw." If the dog does not understand what they want from him, repeat the command, but no more than two or three times. If the command fails, do not insist. Distract the dogs for play and communication, and after a while, repeat the training. Be persistent, but keep a positive attitude, and after a couple of sessions your pet will understand what "Give a paw" is.

If you do not have a second dog, you can ask familiar dog walkers to help you. Choose the friendliest pet as a "mentor".

Be patient and do not forget to reward your pet for every correct action.

Good luck!

With love to your dogs, DogRook!