How to Choose a Harness and a Seat Belt for your Dog?

,October 21, 2021
How to Choose a Harness and a Seat Belt for your Dog?

The main condition for transporting animals in a car is compliance with safety rules. Therefore, a dog belt is a must-have item that every owner traveling with a pet in a car should have. To ensure reliable protection, you should select the right product to ensure the safety of your pet in the vehicle.

Types of Dog Harness

Various types of dog harnesses are available on the market. The models have different designs and application features.

Simple Harness with Fastening

Such a standard seat belt is a narrow, simple car harness that allows you to suppress loads while driving.


The small width of the harness is not very comfortable for the animal. Therefore, often the dog, when attached to the seat, begins to behave restlessly, which creates problems for the owner while the car is moving.

Safety Harness

The design of such a product is more thoughtful. The advantage of a safe harness is its wide width. Such parameters provide a comfortable fixation of the animal's body and protect against the possibility of suffocation during exercise.

Wide Harness with Two Attachments

This design has a fairly wide chest section. The harness has a double fixation. In one place it is attached to the seat belt on the seat, and the other part of the harness is connected to the ceiling mount.


This structure of the product allows you to comfortably and reliably transport the animal.

Stretch Safety

This type of protective device is a convenient and safest option for protecting your animal while traveling in a car. The stretch is fixed between the ceiling handles, and a safety harness worn on the dog is fixed to it with the help of a belt.


Such a device thoroughly protects against the fall of the animal from the chair during the movement of the vehicle, while not too restricting the movement of the dog.

Choke-Proof Harness

Such belts are produced from soft fabric. The harness tape is much wider than other models. This results in a significant reduction in possible loads. Such belts comfortably wrap the animal's body without causing any discomfort. Soft, choke-resistant harnesses are made from soft leather. For small dogs, there are nylon fabric strap options.


An anti-choke harness fits comfortably around the animal's body without causing discomfort.

Safety Baskets for Small Breeds of Dogs

Fastening animals to a small chair is not practical at all. For small breeds of dogs, special baskets are provided to ensure safety in the car. The device is a small, portable box that is secured to the back of the seat using seat belts. There is a soft bedding inside the basket. Also, puppies are transported to such houses, regardless of the size of the breed.


For small breeds of dogs, special baskets are provided to ensure their safety during transportation.

To ensure complete safety when transporting an animal, you should follow some rules for their use:

  • the belt must be properly dressed, the straps are straightened and not too tight;
  • before using the device, you should check whether the blocking is triggered during a sharp tension;
  • safety belts should not be pinched and touch sharp objects;
  • before riding, it is necessary to adjust the belt tension, since too loose fixation does not provide complete safety;
  • it is imperative to check the serviceability of all locks and latches.
  • Keep the belt clean. The presence of dirt on the belt can cause malfunctioning of the entire structure ensuring the safety of the animal.

Take care of yourself and your pets!

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