TOP 5 Smart Toys for Dogs

,November 18, 2021
TOP 5 Smart Toys for Dogs

Many owners of active and curious dogs are familiar with what a bored dog is, which begins to demand a lot of attention to itself, and if it does not receive it, it becomes annoying and even harmful. "More toys!" - you may say, but alas, this does not help in the case of dogs who do not want to play themselves. Such dogs quickly get bored with any ordinary toy. But there is a solution! In this article, we have collected the TOP 5 smart toys that will interest any curious and super active dog!

1. Toys that Can Be Filled with Food

All dogs love to eat, so why not turn it into an educational game?

A toy of any shape is suitable, where you can put pieces of treats or food inside. When trying to get food, the dog will try different ways, which will tire him a little, both physically and mentally.

+ Pros:

  • Develops physical and mental activity
  • Kinds the dog for a long time
  • Dog can play without human intervention

- Cons:

  • Not found


Important! When choosing a toy, pay attention to its composition and the strength of the materials. Also, the toy should be the right size for your dog.

2. Toys From which Your Dog Can Lick Food

The difference with the previous option is that here the dog does not have to think about how to get the treat. Licking it from such toys will take a lot of time and effort, tk. the task is not to get a treat, but to lick it off an uncomfortable surface.

+ Pros:

  • Kinds the dog for a long time
  • Tires and calms active dogs

- Cons:

  • Do not leave the dog unattended with such a toy, because the pet may try to bite off the toy along with the treat.

3. Doodle Search Mat

An excellent toy that helps to develop in the dog not only quick wits, but also scent.

The rug has pockets and dense fringe, which makes it not so easy to get a treat. The more often a dog plays with such a rug, the better its brain works every time, because she comes up with more and more new ways to get a treat faster. Putting some treats in different places in a large rug will develop the dog's scent. to search for a treat, she will begin to work with her nose.

+ Pros:

  • Develops intelligence and scent of the dog
  • Keeps the dog for a long time

- Cons:

  • The dog's play needs to be controlled, because she can accidentally bite off the fabric along with the treat

4. A Closed Toy Focused on Finding Treats

What distinguishes these toys from others is that the game requires the participation of the owner. The dog needs to be taught to find the treat hidden from the dog's eyes. For example, the cells that the dog should point to when he smells the treat. You can train your dog to voice when it sniffs the correct cell, or to point at it with a paw or nose.

+ Pros:

  • Develops the mental abilities of the dog
  • Learn to focus on the scent
  • Improves the contact of the owner with the dog

- Cons:

  • It will take time for the dog to understand the essence of the game
  • The dog will not be able to play by itself

5. Button

Perhaps the most versatile smart toy. You can use it to teach your dog to “talk” to you. For example, after the dog clicks on the "Want to eat" button, always feed him. And if she clicks on the "I want to play" button, play with the dog. Thus, she will communicate with you. Convenience is that buttons with different phrases and words can be purchased gradually.

+ Pros:

  • Enhances the mind of the dog
  • Your dog will be able to "communicate" with you
  • You can buy a lot of buttons

- Minuses:

  • Takes time to teach your dog how to use them
  • Always need the participation of the owner


We hope the article was interesting and useful for you.

With love for your dogs, DogRook!