Good And Bad Dog Games

,October 26, 2021
Good And Bad Dog Games

What games do you play with your dog? How can play affect your relationship? It turns out that in dogs, games must have certain rules, following which they maintain a good relationship. But there are those that can interfere with the education of the dog.

❌Bad Game "Catch Me if You Can"

You go up to the dog, it runs away, or, even worse, your dog picked up something from the ground, and you try to catch it in order to take it away. (teaches disobedience, shows that you can grab and run away).

✅Good Game: "Hide and Seek"

You are hiding from sight of the dog, and she is looking for you. (teaches the dog to approach you, watch you while walking). Or hide a toy or treat and encourage the dog to find it.

❌Bad Game “Pull”

The dog fights with you for the toy, sometimes growls, wins and leaves with the toy. (the dog understands that he can control you, often this game develops into "catch up with me if you can")

✅Good Game “Pull”

You offer the dog a toy, you set the rules for the game. Say "take", "pull", the game starts and ends as you wish, and when it is over, you hold the toy.


It is better to play for a short time, if you see that the dog is overexcited - abruptly stop the game. Teaches self-control.

❌Bad Game "Throw the Ball"

The dog gives you the ball, forces you to throw it, can snatch the ball out of his hands. When you bent down to throw the ball, you grab it and dance, tease, instead of giving up the ball.


The dog learns to control you and impose his desires.

✅Good Game "Catch" or "Bring"

You take out the ball and control the entire process of the game. Also at this time, you can ask the dog to "sit down", "lie down" or perform other commands, for which praise will be a thrown ball. The dog brings the ball in and out.


You set the rules of the game, the time of its beginning and end. It is better to stop at the moment when the dog wants to play more

❌Bad Game "Struggle"

The dog jumps, grabs, pushes, bites. (The dog imposes a game on you, tries to "win").

✅Good Game "Stunts"

This is an exercise for the brain! Teach your dog different commands and exercises (roll over, stand on his hind legs, hold a cookie on his nose, etc.) that will help you both have a good time.

✅Good Game "Mind Games"

Teach your dog to recognize the names of family members, the names of toys, bring "packages" or, for example, look for keys or a cell phone.

With love for your dog, DogRook!