Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
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Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

The nail clippers with a special limiter help to avoid damages. They are very simple in use, so the process of carrying and clipping nails will be delicate, fast and hassle-free for you and your pet.

Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

The sharp blades of nail clippers are made of high-quality stainless steel and have excellent durability. The handle is also made of high-quality ABS / TPR plastic, so the handle is very comfortable and lightweight.

Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

The nail clippers are designed for professional nail clipping at home and in the salon. Does not slip from hand, so the process of clipping the dog's nails is very easy and quick. Nail clippers have a safety lock clip for safe use and storage.

Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

Also, with our nail clippers, you are getting the secret nail file, to make pet care at home more professional. It is made of quality material and grinds down ​claws well after cutting them. Using the nail clippers and nail file together helps you to get the best effects of care.

Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

The DogRook Nail Clippers are perfect for small, medium and large dog breeds and cats. If you have a couple dogs of different breeds or cats, the nail clippers will work for all of your pets.

  • DogRook nail clippers are a perfect device for safe and comfortable nail clipping. It fits well for dogs and cats too. The sharp blades of dog nail clippers allow you to easily cut even the thickest claws without pain and damage. Our nail clippers have a special limiter, which makes the whole process of cutting nails more pleasant for your pet - you don’t need to worry and be afraid to cut your pet’s claws wrong or cutting too much. 
  • The DogRook nail clipper is made of high-quality materials. The blades are made of stainless steel and have great durability. The handle is made of ABS / TPR plastic, so it's comfortable in the hand, lightweight, and does not slip. It is not susceptible to rust and falls resistance.
  • With our nail clippers you also get the nail file as a gift. Use the file to polish pets’ nails after clipping them, making pet care procedures more professional. 
  • By buying the DogRook nail clippers you also reach a solution for your problems such as having scratches on your skin, damaged furniture at home, pet skin inflammation, and expensive visits to the grooming salon.

Is there a nail file? If so, does it sharpen claws well?

Yes, the nail file goes as a gift to the nail clipper. It is made of quality material and sharpens claws well after cutting them. Your furniture and flooring will remain scratch-free.

What is the safety of this nail clipper?

Dogrook nail clipper is equipped with a special limiter that does not allow cutting the claw more than it should be.

I have a very large dog with massive claws, will the plastic handles of the claw cutter break? What kind of load can they withstand?

Dogrook nail clipper is designed for medium to large dogs. For the manufacture of this claw cutter, a special high-quality ABS / TPR plastic is used, it is durable but at the same time lightweight. In addition, the blades are sharp, and therefore you will not have to press hard on the claw cutter handles when cutting.

Does the nail delaminate?

Dogrook nail clipper is a professional nail clipper with sharp blades that help to avoid delamination of the claw when cutting.

And where is the nail file?

The file is conveniently hidden in the handle of the claw cutter, so that it does not get lost and you do not have to look for it every time.

Can DogRook nail clipper hurt my dog?

Dog nail clippers with safety stop are supplemented with a special limiter that avoids damage to the animal's cuticle. These are professional large dog nail clippers for proper and delicate pet care. It is sharp enough, while safe to use. As a result, you get smooth and sharp cuts quickly and hassle-free. 

Does the nail clipper have a comfortable handle?

Our heavy-duty dog clippers for nails are made of high-quality ABS / TPR plastic, which prevents slipping in the hand and contributes to comfortable and effective puppy care. It is ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable.

What are the blades made out of?

The blades are made out of high quality stainless steel.

What angle should I hold a dog nail clipper?

Your dog's toe nail has a slight curve to it naturally. Start by placing the nail trimmers right at the apex of the nail at a 90 degree angle. Then move the trimmers slightly towards the nail tip and angle the trimmers towards the tip to a 45 degree angle.

How often should I cut my dog's nails?

It depends on a dog, but as a general rule, trimming monthly is a good idea.

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Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper
Dog & Cat Nail Clipper