Accessories for a Bark Collar - Replacement Straps and USB Cables

The DogRook bark collar is a very durable device. However, it may need some replacements to last even longer. On our website, you can buy an original DogRook strap and USB cable, if yours are no longer working or available. An old bark collar doesn’t belong in the trash, give it a new life! 

Buy a Replacement Strap for a Bark Collar

Chewing is a normal behavior for dogs and it is good for their health. Some dogs love to chew not only toys, but also collars. Bark collars are nice to chew as well. Instead of getting mad at your dog, give him or her a few things they can chew without getting in trouble. The bark collar itself is chew-proof, but the strap is not. If your bark collar is ripped or just old, buy a new strap and keep using the device. If your dog is a chewer, be patient and get some new straps from the store. 

Get a New Original USB Cable DC2.5

To charge a bark collar, you need a special USB cable that comes in the DogRook bark collar set. This small plastic thing could be easily lost or broken. On our website, you can buy an original DC2.5 cable to keep using your device. Don’t get upset if you can’t find your cable, just order a new one. If your device doesn’t charge, maybe the USB cable is the problem. You can also always write to us about your problem and ask for advice. We recommend only using the DC2.5 type of USB cable for safety measures.

Save Money and Natural Resources

Remember the 3Rs rule? Re-using items saves the natural resources and energy needed to manufacture new ones - as well as saves money. Don’t buy a new bark collar, replace some old parts and keep using the device. It’s best to avoid waste in the first place, so think more carefully about your purchases.