DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
DogRook humane anti-barking collar
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DogRook humane anti-barking collar

  • Color: blue, black
  • Materials: plastic, nylon
  • Special features: water-resistant
  • Size: adjustable, for dogs with weight 11-110 lb and neck size 9-22 inches
  • Type of battery: rechargeable, holds a charge up to 21 days
  • Performance: 7 safe stages of sound (beeps) and vibration
  • Box's content: start guide, bark control unit, USB charging cable, 2 plastic covers, reflective strap, 2 sets of plastic probes

    Dogrook anti barking collar provides a humane way to get rid of unwanted barking. When your dog barks, the collar interrupts your dog’s barking with beeps and vibration, so it can't by any means harm your pet. It perfectly fits small and large dog breeds.

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    2.8 x 1 x 1.6 inches; 3.2 Ounces


    Only vibration and sound!


    Please read product manual in the box

    Inside the box

    In addition to the automatic stop barking collar we have included USB cable, 2 types of plastic prongs, and 2 color covers.


    Lifetime warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Works great

    So Glad I Purchased This Collar!

    Our neighbor below us has been complaining about our new rescue's barking, when we leave the house. When I had dogs in the past, I used a citronella collar to stop the barking, but felt as though it was cruel. I wish this collar had been around back then. It's honestly amazing!! It started working from the very first time we put it on our dog. We've left him home alone on about 4 occasions now and not one complaint from our neighbor!
    This is a really humane, effective way to stop your dog's barking. Highly recommend it - it's super easy to use.

    FINALLY something that works for my pups bark!

    I have a male shih tzu/yorkie mix and happens to be one of three dogs. He seems to be very demanding of the other two and controlling by constantly using his bark to be heard. This has translated into him barking at EVERYTHING other dogs, random noises, doorbell, mailman, any random person walking down the street and so one. So, needless to say he barks and EVERYTHING and nothing we did stopped him from barking. My partner found the DogRook Bark Collar and it ACTUALLY WORKS! The fit is good on him and an additional collar came with it for larger dogs, a charging cord, additional prongs, and a second color to change on the collar. (The only thing I wish they included was a way to plug the cord into the outlet to charge) However, luckily we have extras from old phone chargers so we used one of them to charge the collar. Pay close attention to the levels and how your pup responds. They recommended Level 3 as an initial setting as a sensitive level. I tried this level and it would go off any time he made a slight growl so I turned it down to Level 2 because it does scare him and deter him from continuing to bark or growl. Usually, he can get at least one bark or growl will alert him we will say “No” and he will not bark or growl and further. We are incredibly happy with our purchase and our ears are much happier now lol!

    Works great!!

    I bought this product because I wanted a dog collar that got progressively more intense as my dog started barking. I had bought one previously that beeped and vibrated on the very first bark....too intense. This one beeps shortly on the first bark, and then beeps longer on the second bark and then beeps and vibrates on the third bark. Exactly what I wanted. It had enough charge in the battery that we could put it on our dog the first day. HUGE difference! She MAY bark once, but quickly subsides when the collar responds.

    Notes (to the manufacturer or prospective buyers) - It beeps when you turn it on or off. I need to do this in another room, as my dog gets confused when it beeps but she didn't bark. Additionally, the sensitivity levels are difficult to discern. There's no way to know which sensitivity level it is on. We have resorted to going all the way down to "0" (pushing the - button until there are no beeps) and then stepping up to our desired level of sensitivity. Perhaps having the light flash a certain number of times for the level? I'd minimize the beeping, because I don't want to confuse the dog. Overall though, it's not a huge deal, especially once we figure out a sensitivity level that works well....we will likely just leave it at that.