DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor
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DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor

  • Color: pink, black
  • Materials: plastic, nylon
  • Special features: waterproof
  • Size: adjustable, for dogs with weight 11-110 lb and neck size 9-22 inches
  • Type of battery: rechargeable, holds a charge up to 21 days
  • Performance: 5 safe stages of sound (beeps), vibration and strong vibration
  • Box's content: barc collar, reflective strap, user manual, prong covers, USB cable

    DogRook stop barking collar with dual motor has three levels of action: sound, vibration and strong vibration. If your dog needs a better motivation to stop barking, try this enhanced bark collar and get the result.

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    2.8 x 1 x 1.6 inches; 3.2 Ounces


    Only vibration and sound!


    Please read product manual in the box

    Inside the box

    In addition to the automatic stop barking collar we have included USB cable, 2 types of plastic prongs, and 2 color covers.


    Lifetime warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Works Great!

    We have two small dogs who bark at absolutely everything, birds, squirrels, people walking by, people driving by, it was driving us crazy and I know the people in the neighborhood know their names by heart. We got two collars, put one on each dog. Bella, our female, barked, and the beep went off. She looked all around to see where it was coming from. Buddy, our male, barked once, the beep went off and he totally freaked out. He never opened his mouth the rest of he day, and he just shook and shook. We finally took it off of him, he was so scared. We put Bella's on her when they go outside, and ONE time she actually got to the vibration part but since then one bark and one beep and she stops, and Buddy doesn't even need his, hers going off is enough for him. Bella has learned exactly how much she can do and not have it go off, a little growl and a very small woof-woof. Buddy doesn't make a sound. Some kids walked by and Bella did her small woof-woof and Buddy didn't say anything. These work great and I would highly recommend them.


    We are EXTREMELY impressed with our collar. I tested it out before we put it on our barker. You can blow into it and make it go off. The first time it beeps really loud, the second time it beeps really loud longer, the third time it beeps really loud longer, and vibrates. She barked the first time, and it beeped at her. She looked around trying to figure out where the noise was coming from but quit barking. She has not gotten past the first beep. I want to stress how much of a barker she was. She barked at EVERYTHING. Moreover, she barked for a really long time... The neighbors were complaining because she would stand out in the backyard just barking. All of that has stopped! We are SO relieved!!! Thank you!

    Can not recommend this product enough

    Our 3 y/o Pomeranian (Loki) was a serious barker. He would bark at any and EVERYTHING!!! Now he will bark if the collar is not on but once we put the collar on GOLDEN silence. Sometimes we only have to tell him "someone is gonna get the collar" and THAT keeps him from barking. I would NEVER purchase something that would hurt him. I am sooooo happy I found this collar and could not recommend it more. Especially for the price. If I could give it 100 stars I would. Our life has not been soo quiet in years.
    BTW the 1st time you put the collar on your pet I would recommend using a video for years of humorous entertainment. Lol!!!

    ****this product worked so well I bought a 2nd one for my mother's problem barker.

    This collar has given us peace of mind!

    My dog has learned that once the collar goes on, she doesn't bark at surrounding neighbors in our backyard, which is exactly what I wanted. At night, she's inside & doesn't wear it & will bark if she hears noise outside, again exactly what I hoped for. Now I have peace of mind while at work & she can go outside thru the dog door whenever she pleases without disturbing my neighbors. BIG PLUS, it doesn't hurt her at all.

    Working great

    I was sceptical. Lucy is a 16-month old West Highland terrier with a mind of her own. Anything unusual outside (or nothing) would trigger frantic barking. Perhaps it is too early to tell but since using the collar, we have had two days of tranquility. Occasionally she tries a quiet bark then looks puzzled when her collar vibrates/beeps. I did not want a collar that tasered the poor pup so I'm very satisfied that this gentle approach appears 100% effective.