DogRook compostable dog waste bags 16 rolls, 240 bags
DogRook compostable dog waste bags 16 rolls, 240 bags
DogRook compostable dog waste bags 16 rolls, 240 bags
DogRook compostable dog waste bags 16 rolls, 240 bags
DogRook compostable dog waste bags 16 rolls, 240 bags
DogRook compostable dog waste bags 16 rolls, 240 bags
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DogRook compostable dog waste bags 16 rolls, 240 bags



  • Dimensions: 9 x 13 inches
  • Quantity: 16 rolls, 240 bags
  • Color: blue
  • Scent: jasmine blossoms 
  • Certification: TÜV AUSTRIA Home Compost Certified to be of ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards

    DogRook poop bags are large, durable, tear- and leak-proof. They are made of cornstarch and can be completely converted into a plant fertilizer. Compostable dog waste bags don't pollute the environment and are 100% eco-friendly.


    The large dog waste bags are packed in rolls that are suitable for all types of dispensers. The dog waste bags have a perforated edge, so you can quickly and easily separate individual bags. The first bag in a roll is secured with a sticker.

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    One order contains 240 bags/16 rolls


    9 x 13 inches






    Extra thick at 20 microns

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    The bags have the 3 things I look for:

    1) Compostable
    2) Nice, big"ish" size, with strong hold
    3) Easy to carry

    I would even venture to say that these bags are kind of cute.

    We were picking up some poop in a park and a woman passing by commented on how nice the bags were, especially since they are, after all, poop bags.

    Andrew Foster
    Big box of bags

    Love these doggy poop baggies. You gotta clean up after your pooch when you go for a walk. So you need a lot of these things. This is a good sized box of baggies. 16 rolls, with 16 bags per roll. Much better than the small packs you find at the dollar store.
    Love that these are biodegradable. I like the colour. (not that it matters all that much.)
    Works well for their job. No complaints!

    Lightly Scented, Thick and Pliable

    They open easily which is good during the pandemic because you can’t blow on them to open them while wearing a mask and you definitely don’t want to lick your fingers to grip the opening.

    The thicker plastic is biodegradable and the bags are large enough to pick up the load and tie tight.

    Highly recommend these bags.

    My husband says: “They smell a lot better empty than they do full.”

    Very sturdy and compostable

    These ROCK. I have a 150 pound dog and these bags are large enough to pick up an entire pile from him. They are sturdy enough that I can scoop up the poop in my hand (with the bag overtop, as we do) and turn the bag inside out and his poop is dealt with without me ever having to touch it. I haven't had a single bag break on me and I'm on my third roll.
    These bags smell a bit floral, which is appreciated when you have to carry your dog's poop for a bit before you reach home. The scent of the bags definitely help to mask the putrid smell of dog poop.
    I will not use dog poop bags that aren't compostable. I use 3 or 4 a day, can you imagine how much plastic that would be in landfills?! These bags break down in a matter of months, so they can be tossed in your compost or organics (I throw mine in my organics bin that is picked up by the town, as I don't want my dog's poop in my garden compost).
    If you're a dog owner, you use poop bags. These ones by DogRook smell nice, are sturdy and large enough to pick up from even giant breed dogs, and they break down so you aren't putting plastic into landfills. Functional and eco-friendly, these bags are a win for me. I will purchase more poop bags from this company once my supply dwindles.