Electric Collar for Dog Training: Pros and Cons, Application Features

,December 08, 2020
Electric Collar for Dog Training: Pros and Cons, Application Features

An electric collar is a special device equipped with an electrical element, a control panel is included. It is designed to facilitate human efforts while training a dog.


What is it?

There are many models, but they differ from each other in the number of levels of impact and the strength of the electrical impulses applied to the four-legged pet. On the remote control, you can adjust the duration of electrical impulses. In order not to cause psychological and physical harm to the animal, good and high-quality collars have a limit of electric shocks, after which the device automatically turns off for a while. Experienced breeders do not recommend that beginners often use an electric collar for their pet. And to use only during training and when correcting the behavior of the dog in certain cases.


How to use it?

Use the electric collar gradually, and not immediately after putting it on the dog’s neck. You need to give your pet time to get used to the new device, it usually takes 5–7 days. This must be done just before the walk. The dog will be interested in a new and unfamiliar object, so the electric collar should be allowed to look and smell.

And after the pet goes out into the street, most likely he will forget about the new thing and turn his attention to something else. It is at this moment that you should put on a collar on your four-legged friend, you can praise, stroke for obedience and shown calmness.

Further, it is recommended to pick up the control panel, demonstrate it to the dog and show affection, or treat her with a treat. After that, you can attach the remote control to the electric collar and let the dog wear it a little or put it in your pocket. In this case, the collar should be dressed so that it does not press or rub the dog’s neck. It does not need to be placed too low or high, it should be in the place where the dog has the thinnest part of the neck.

During the first 7 days, the dog should wear a switched off collar and it is also not recommended to check it in action during this period. During a walk, you need to periodically press the buttons on the remote control, they emit a sound to which the dog walking next to it will 100% respond. The main thing is to make sure that this sound is not associated with pain and discomfort in the dog in the future.

When working with an electric collar, the following rules must be observed:

1. Do not leave the device on the pet’s neck for more than 6–10 hours.

2. Every 2–3 hours you need to gradually move the collar, this is necessary in order for the contacts to move 1–2 cm away from the starting position.

3. Periodically it is necessary to inspect the dog’s neck, as some animals have very sensitive skin in this area and may cause irritation. If irritation is found, you need to remove the collar and do not put it on until it has passed. And if after a while it appears again, then you should change the device for inventions of another company.


•   The compact size and rather small weight of the device does not interfere with the dog’s movement and habitual lifestyle. It helps to gradually control her behavior and cope with mistakes and pranks in time.

•   The impulses given to the pet can attract the attention of the pet and overwhelm it, and this helps to stop the wrong or incorrect actions.

•   The use of a collar allows you to control the dog from a distance, without resorting to screaming and violence towards your pet.

•   As a rule, the dog does not associate electrical stimulation received from the collar with negative influence from the owner.

•   The collar reminds the pet of the necessary rules during a walk, as well as develops a certain habit, which eventually remains in the pet’s memory and allows the owner to refuse to use this appliance.

•  When walking the dog, the owner can control the territory beyond which the dog can go.

•   An electric collar is a distinguishing feature of domestic dogs from stray ones, so if the owner is not around, the dog is unlikely to be caught by special services, and therefore not taken to a shelter.

•   Various kinds of rewards and snacks can help reduce the time spent on training with the use of a collar.

•   Some dogs are already aggressive and irritable after birth, and the use of an electric collar will stabilize their behavior for the better.


      There are also disadvantages when using an electric collar, they are as follows:
      •  Once the dog understands the involvement of its owner in the given impulses, it will be difficult to put this device on it.

      •  The pet may have a negative attitude and aggression towards the owner, since they have excellent hearing and vision, which means they can match who presses the remote control button, after which an impulse arrives.

      •  When showing aggression, the dog may not pay attention to the electric collar in action, but associate it, for example, with vibration from a passing vehicle.

      •  Electrical impulses can cause fear and panic in a dog, and ultimately, such training can lead to the opposite effect.

      •  The electric collar, after a while, causes the dogs to get used to electric shocks, which means that the strength of the electric impulses will need to be increased periodically. And this, in turn, can have a bad effect on the work of the dog’s heart, in some cases, a heart attack develops.

      •  Some dogs do not immediately understand what the owner wants from them, putting this strange thing around their neck. The dog will be overtaken by apathy, he will refuse any movements, lie for a whole day, over time his psyche will be disturbed and the help of a qualified dog handler will be required to bring him out of this state.

      An electric collar as a device for educating and training your ward is a good and worthwhile thing. The main thing is to know how to use it correctly and not to apply it constantly.

      Advice from professional trainers: avoid creating an “unwanted connection” in the dog with the collar. In other words, wearing a radio collar should not cause negative feelings in the dog. Otherwise, the dog’s behavior will be directly related to the presence of a collar, and not be the result of practicing general obedience techniques. This effect can be prevented in quite simple ways: wear a radio collar for a while without using it, do not wear the collar, but take the remote control with you and vice versa, take a walk in an electrified radio collar and do not take the remote, etc.

      But even with the relative safety of this training method, one should remember: when using an electrified radio collar, it is necessary to strictly follow all the rules and training methods. Correct use of the device will avoid negative health effects of the dog. Therefore, before starting training with an electronic radio collar, professional trainers recommend that the owners be sure to undergo training themselves.

      With love to your dogs, DogRook